I’m confused

Problem with firefox 17.0 on WIN 7

I build the site and everithings it was working properly until I've tested the website on firefox, something is not working, see the picture below

if I'm just cliking on an other page and get back to my photowebsite this change like this

so it look fine but it doesn't work, I can not change anything.
in all the other browser work fine even on mac safari it works fine, it's just firefox that give problems to me and my clients.

Can you please help me.
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  • Hi Matta,

    Thank you for your post and for the telling screenshots - that helps! From what I can see I suspect there is a CSS conflict between your site code and ours. I tried visiting your site but got a "This site is down for maintenance. Please check back again soon." message, so I can't confirm at this time.

    What I'd suggest is disabling individual style sheets one-by-one to see which might be causing the issue. You can do this using one of several web developer plugins for Firefox.

    If you need more assistance, send us an email when your site is back online and we'll take another look.

    Kind regards,
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