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Problems with manually positioned toolbar

When I manually position the toolbar in my template it causes problems when users click the "Buy Print" button.

When the "Buy Print" button is clicked the intended photo as wells as all photos already in the cart are displayed in a fotomoto popup asking the user to select the photo. This is very confusing to the users of my gallery.

Why would manually placing the toolbar introduce this bug?
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  • Derek (Official Rep) October 15, 2012 06:04
    Hi Pyrodogg,

    Sorry for any confusion here - as mentioned in How do I manually place the Buy Button toolbar on my page?, manually positioning the toolbar will cause only one Buy Button toolbar to appear on the page, and it should only be used for "image detail" pages where only a single image is for sale.

    You mentioned that you're using the (Squarespace) Wells template correct? If that's true, please be advised that we are working with Squarespace directly to try and ensure that Fotomoto will work as expected across all Squarespace 6 templates. We discussed Wells specifically with them and they are aware of the issue, and we're all hoping it will be resolved soon!

    Kind regards,
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