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Protected pages

I am using Squarespace 5 and have some pages password protected. Can you please let me know what I need to do so Fotomoto can add those images to my FOR SALE folder.

I am not very techy, so any simple help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you so much.

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  • Derek (Official Rep) March 04, 2014 18:57
    Hi Enrique,

    Thanks for your post and as you know I've already responded to your support email on the same subject, but let me repeat the answer here for anyone else that's reading along:

    Fotomoto needs to be able to access images on your site in order to add images to your Dashboard, as explained in How do I use Fotomoto with password-protected sites?.

    I am not sure how you might be able to "whitelist" or "allow" private gallery image requests from Fotomoto in Squarespace 5, but let me ask them for you and I'll post my reply here.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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