restricting toolbar to certain wordpress postings

I have a self hosted website (driven by wordpress) set up so that I have a blog (posts) section differentiated with the catergory blog and a photo (posts) derived from the categories such as landscape, florals, etc.

I would like to restrict the use of the fotomoto toolbar to only images in the portfolio (posts). Can I restrict by creating a tag to filter out blog post from image only post ?

I know you can add code to individual pages as need to restrict the toolbar from showing. But I would think that you should be able to restrict specifc post by tagging or category.

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  • Hi Peter,

    If you don't want the toolbar appear below specific images, you can easily chose those pictures as "not for sale" from your account CPanel. You have to do this for each picture that you don't want to sell.

    Since you are using wordpress, you can add a list of paths to the "exclude list".
    If you want to exclude Fotomoto from the home page and a certain category, enter something like: /blog,/blog/?cat=3

    Hope this answered your question.

    • Thanks for responding. I had already tried as suggested without success. Maybe it is the theme that I am using that is preventing the /?cat=## from working ?
      If you look at my site - you might get a better feel for what I am attempting to do. I only want images that I make part of my portfolio to have the toolbar. I may just have to add script to each portfolio posting ( I assume that script is placed after each image html or is it better to create a duplicate post template for just the portfolio postings and enter the script in the body of the new template).
      I have just started to populate the portfolio so that is probably not an issue. I really do not want to go through all blog postings and exclude toolbar individually. I appreciate the help.
    • Hi Javaneh,

      I solved my issue by adding the script to a page template that is used for photos only.
      I have tested and all seems to function as expected. However, if you were to look now, you will not see a toolbar since I have disabled until I finalize the sizing and images that I want to offer for sale.

      Thanks again for your help
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