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Secure the collection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

I've just started using this service for a WordPress site I'm working on, and I must congratulate the team on such a smooth and easy to set-up shopping cart system.

The only thing I can think of to improve the overall experience of the service (at the customer end) is to enhance the security of the cart.

When the customer gets to the 'order summary' page, they are also requested for their shipping details which collects PII. This is collected on an unsecured connection.

If the customer then clicks next, they are taken to a https secured page to collect the payment details.

From a privacy perspective for the customer, wouldn't it be better to collect the PII and payment details on the same secured (https) page? You would still show the 'order summary' but not request the PII until they click next to go to the https page.

The only reason I bring this up, is that I am a member of the Web of Trust community, and I have seen other e-commerce sites, have their privacy rated down because PII is collected on an un-secure page.

What I judge to be the general census on the WOT forum is that it is ok to collect names and email addresses on an unsecured page, but when collecting additional info such as addresses and telephone numbers, it is best to collect them on a secure page.

I personally think that moving the collection of the PII to the secure page would be a good move and help build trustworthiness for the fotomoto service and it would also stop sites using your service having their privacy rated down through services such as WOT. Just my opinion though ;)

Other than that, I think this has to be the easiest and best printing service for setting up with WordPress, wasn't hard to get to grips with at all,, thanks ;)
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