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Sell Your Images Online Through Retail Stores!!!

Hello! I market my images to a number of retail outlets. I would like to give each outlet a simple code (123A) and then put this code on marketing materials they give out at their location. These marketing materials would guide buyers to my fotomoto website. This code would tag the purchase to the retailer so I could pay them a commission! What do you think? Would it be possible for fotomoto to make this adjustment on the software to accommodate this idea? I think it would be very profitable for all of us because it would give these stores a financial incentive to participate is selling my images and they wouldn't have to store my images in inventory...
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  • Derek (Official Rep) May 29, 2012 19:41
    Hi Earl,

    Thank you for the suggestion - that's an interesting one and please know that our product team reads all of the "idea" posts in this forum, so it will be considered.

    Though it may not function quite as you describe above, we *do* offer an affiliate program for online partners that use Fotomoto for image e-commerce - please see Partner with Us for more on the subject.

    Perhaps more appropriate for your use case, we offer coupons, and you can distribute a coupon code on your marketing materials much in the way you describe to encourage (and manually track) sales. Please see Promote your work using Coupons for more on that.

    We'll leave your post open for further review, comments and "+1s", but thought you might want to know about the options above as they might be useful to you.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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