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Separate Premium and Fine Art Print Categories

Ive run into a couple of problems when talking to people on pricing images using Fotomoto. Imagine a photographer that shoots events and also shoots his personal projects. The event photography he'd like to sell to the general public at a low price (think community help work), however his personal projects are more "Fine Art" in nature - printed on nice paper, and would command higher prices.

As the product structure is now - Fine Art and Premium are in the same category of print. Technically, someone could click on a "Fine Art" image, and select Premium Print as an option. If the Fine Art, Canvas, and Premium Prints were separate Products (so to speak) someone could at least flash Fine Art prints with that product type (higher price), and other images with the lower price. The customer wouldnt see the other options for the prints.

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    Hi RC,

    There is a short term solution for this: I assume the photographer you are talking about is not presenting both "Fine Art Photos" and "Event Photos" on the same website. Even if they are on the same website, they are probably under different subdomains (e.g. fineart.photographer.com and event.photographer.com), or under different directories (photographer.com/fineart and photographer.com/event).

    If your photographer uses the complete domain name and create two "stores" (the store address should be different), then she can select two different product catalog (only fine art prints for "Fine Art" gallery, and both premium and fine art prints for the "Event" gallery), and price them differently.

    We are working on a new major improvement in the system, where users can define "sets" and apply them to different photos on the same site. They would also be able to choose the "default" product.

    Does this address your question? If not, then can you suggest a solution for the problem?!
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