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custom link / shortcode for selling/displaying photography within Wordpress

Is there any way to have fotomoto pull my high resolution images from somewhere else and then provide me with a link/shortcode so I can embed it into my site with compressed/watermarked versions of the the image?

I want the prints that my customers purchase to be of the highest quality possible, which means supplying the highest resolution image possible. The problem is the way fotomoto wordpress plugin "crawls" my site and automatically embeds the purchase links and collects the images, this severely limits my ability to display my photography how I want. (I want to curb piracy while promoting the visual appeal of my work in the way that I want while presenting the website as quickly as possible... all the while, doing the least amount of work in providing the printing and shipping, as possible... which is why I chose to use fotomoto)

I realize that there is auto-pickup as a premium service, but are you seriously telling me that I can't display my photos how I want and provide quality prints through your service/plugin without paying a commission AND a monthly rate? That sort of thing will loose you the majority of new potential users, the better bet is to offer all features for free with inflated commission rates that become less should you wish to pay monthly (although square does really well on their commission only principle) and then you could make it easier for your users to sell their photography and charge for hosting / making a site for them...
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    I hate to say it, but this really makes me consider just taking orders from my website and manually fulfilling them through whatever printing company is offering the cheapest rates at the moment. Which makes me really sad, I should be able to automate the process easily for a small loss in profits!
    it's just that with the rather high price of the prints from fotomoto (or rather whoever is used for the print orders) and the lack of ability to control how the purchase link is displayed/where and what and how its displayed on, it's not worth the loss of control for the automation of print ordering (which at this time, the most likely orders would be family, friends and myself) and on top of that, setting up fotomoto is so difficult right now that I couldn't recommend the service to one of my less technology savy photographer clients.

    I would love it if I could just post all my photos on my website, provide links to purchase them and have all the printing / purchasing / shipping automated for me. That is how I imagined it would work. I would even be willing to pay for the autopickup feature if I could provide custom purchase links that I could insert anywhere I desired, but as things sit now, it's just too limited. You guys are SO close to having something AMAZING!!!
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  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your posts, and please don't be sad! Fotomoto is designed to work with the low (web) resolution images on your site so people can place orders, but we don't print from those images, rather you supply us with high resolution images once the orders come in.

    Here's what I consider to be a "must-read" article on the subject - hope this will help address any concerns you've got

    How Fotomoto works on your site - no upload needed until a customer orders.

    This being the case, it's also totally OK that the images on your site be watermarked - just make sure the high resolution images you provide don't have any undesired watermarks on them and you should be all set.

    Last, our Auto Pickup feature isn't required to use Fotomoto - it's designed to automatically fetch the high resolution images when needed from a 3rd-party web server or Amazon S3. When orders come in, if you don't have Auto Pickup set up, no problem - you can just upload the high resolution images to us manually - the email we send you explains where to do this.

    If there's anything else I can assist with just let me know!

    Kind regards,
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