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Shopping Cart disappears with browser shutdown.

It appears that the shopping cart drops all items if I shut down the browser and come back to it later. It would be nice if the shopping cart would remember what I have place in it despite having not yet ordered prints (much like and other online stores.) It can take a while to actually place an order and the ordering process can easily be interrupted, including for an evening.

If I were a client who placed most of an order, got interrupted, needed to shut down the computer, and wanted to finish placing the order later (at another time/day) I would be frustrated to have lost everything I had already done.

Any way this can be fixed?

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    I’m hoping to improve the situation
    Hi Brian,

    I agree that what this situation could potentially be frustrating for customers!

    I'm inclined to give a more technical explanation of why it is the way it is (security measures, etc.) but that won't really help...our job here is to make the experience the best it can be for your customers.

    That said I'm going to move this post to our Ideas forum. There may be ways that we can improve the experience.

    Thanks for your post - we appreciate the input!
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