Hi my website it setup with showit. They use HTML5 now. I saw an article on here showing it used to be flash, which it isn't anymore (since that post was 7 years old). integrates with my wordpress blog and my main home page are hosted/published through wordpress. The other pages are through

I setup the fotomoto app in wordpress and have the key entered. I assigned rates to what products I want in fotomoto and have a page on my showit site showing as "Shop" and linking to my wordpress site shop page. On the page I have 6 sample images, but they aren't showing on the shop site now that is published, and they also don't show in Fotomoto as images. I am very confused on what my next steps are.

How would I get these to work together?
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  • Derek (Official Rep) August 17, 2017 17:09
    Hi Nicole,

    Thank you for your post and I'll be happy to help you get this figured out and get Fotomoto working on your site if it's compatible.

    Could you either post or email us a link to one page where the images should be for sale? I do see that Fotomoto is installed and working on your site, but I'd like to take a look at a specific example of a page where you're trying to sell.

    Feel free to write us directly using the link above if you prefer not to work through this issue on a public Community site...we can always post the solution later in case it benefits anyone else using or WordPress.

    Thanks again and kind regards,
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