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Simplifying the Commercial Definitions

I've been thinking a lot lately about how the commercial aspect of sales is implemented. As we all know, a simple sale for personal use is easy. Prints are especially easy because the prints are delivered to the client, not the electronic file.

As I read over the FM definitions of commercial use, I was confused. So I tried to simplify the definitions.

I have several assumptions:

(1) The FM definitions for commercial license in the shopping cart is not an industry standard commercial license.
(2) As such, we would need to talk with a client for specific licenses.

Now on the other hand, if there is an industry standard contract/license then FM should implement that type of license into the shopping cart. When a client buys the image, they are immediately sent a copy of the license and it is legally binding.

If, however, that is not the case, and it is impossible for FM to offer an industry standard, legally binding license at the time of sale, then this is a preliminary suggestion to simplify things:

Shopping cart presentation for commercial clients:


Below is a general guideline for commercial licensing. Contact for specific licenses.

Commercial License: Single Use Only*

Advertising and Design: websites, CDs, DVDs, electronic and printed material, such as books, newspapers, magazines, personal use business cards, product packaging, catalogs, brochures, promotional greeting cards, promotional postcards, promotional posters, stationary, calendars, mugs, mouse pads, corporate presentations, film and video, clothing, brochures.


No resale: You cannot resell the image itself in anyway, including traditional print or electronically, as as source of profit (e.g., posters, e-cards, or any of the above mentioned categories).
No Distribution: sublicense, giveaway, share or otherwise transfer stand-alone images/files

*You can use the image over again on the same advertising material or the same website. However, you cannot use the same image on multiple advertising campaigns nor websites. (e.g., You can use an image for a book cover, but only for one title. Using the image for reprints of the same title is allowed.)

Please feel free to continue improving the above. For instance, I have two criteria: (1) Use the image anyway you want as a single use, (2) you cannot resell the image itself in any way. It may be useful to have a definition of the resale of images, such as on mugs or stationary, as an option we can turn on or off.


Mainly I'm just looking for a simple solution for commercial clients, where they either contact us, or get an industry standard, legally binding license automatically. IF FM cannot implement the automatic license, then commercial clients would need to contact us in any event.
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