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I’m frustrated

SquareSpace Blog

Hi, I have a SquareSpace photo blog that I would like to use with fotomoto. Each day a new photo goes up. I have the photo in an image container in squarespace and I have checked lightbox so if you click on the image it displays larger. Things are not working very well, There are no buy buttons on the blog post, they only show up when you are viewing the lightbox (clicking on the image) and then they only show up for landscape orientation images and not portrait orientation images. What is worse, if you click on the buy buttons nothing happens until you exit out of the light box. At that time the fotomoto window appears over the blog post.

This looks and works really bad. Can anyone offer suggestions on how to get this working better? I know that not all squarespace templates play nice with fotomoto. Can someone tell me which one might work? I have already tried a few without success.
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  • Derek (Official Rep) October 07, 2013 17:01
    Hi Allison,

    Thanks for your message and we do apologize, but the behavior you're seeing on your site is consistent with what we're seeing now on several Squarespace templates.This appears to be due to incompatibilities with their proprietary lightbox scripts.

    We are in the process of identifying the issues with various templates and will be sending them over to Squarespace to see what resolution we can come up with.

    During our testing I hope to identify one or two templates that work as expected and post them here while we try to work with Squarespace on a more global level to see if we can make everything work as expected.

    I've merged your question in to the larger thread on the subject, so you'll be able to see all the updates in one place.

    Thanks and kind regards,
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