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I’m pleased to bring this to your attention!

Store Defaults don't effect units of measurement in Product Pricing!

In my Image/Product Pricing I see the currency and the measurement unit displayed and I want to change currency from $ to £ and measurement from inches to cm, now, whatever measurement unit I set in the main Settings/Store Defaults this does not change the measurement unit displayed in the product pricing pages - funnily enough the currency changes when I alter that but not the measurement units!

Could you bring the measurements in line with the currency please so that they change when the Store Defaults change, as pretty much all the rest of the world is metric now!

PS. I know! I prefer good old feet and inches too, but Europe has inflicted measuring in tens on all of us, and Europe is the new America - anyway we all belong to China now so here's your new measurement unit!

1 bu (步) = 5 chi
1 chi (市尺) = 10 cun
1 cun (市寸) = 10 fen

1 cun = 3.3333 centimetres

Better get translating the site into Mandarin!! ;0)
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