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Suggestions for Facebook Publish (in beta at the mo)


I think its great that you now have a tool to publish work on facebook where visitors can buy images using the fotomoto widget. As this is in BETA thought would share a couple of ideas that will help, hope you don't mind!

At the moment it seems the facebook app will only display the first six albums shared with facebook. This isn't enough, please increase the limit.

Image Stream - when using this mode to view images it would be better if more images loaded first time without having to click 'view more', currently only five load, even with a very slow connection you could load at least ten or twenty in a few seconds.

Place a gap between the gallery description and the images below, it looks very untidy at the mo.

Place a link back from gallery pages to the main gallery list page. Once you enter a gallery there is currently no link back to the main gallery list page. This means once visitors have entered a gallery they are more likely to leave the page all together rather than view other galleries.

Once again hope you don't mind this feedback but as it's in BETA thought might be useful to have information on problems from the users view point :)


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