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I’m Agree

Taking a different approach to the ECARDS.

Hey FotoMoto, I am loving being with you. The system is so easy. Although I do have one single suggestion that could make all the difference.

I believe the ecards could be improved upon. It would be nice if the image were larger and set in a mid-tone grey background. The black bar and red strips at the top are not the best complimentary color palette to fine art.

Also, the ecard stamp, as well as the others, do not make sense being on an ecard. The link itself should lead to the site of the artist where there they could have a choice. And perhaps using a softer approach on the buy stamp. Instead of "Buy Now," something like, "If interesting in ordering this print--click here."

I simply think ecards are used for sending not only loving messages to friends and clients, but can be used to promote business. And currently, I don't see the ecard doing either. Just my outlook on it.
Blessings, Brad
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