I’m frustrated

Too much spacing between photos in default and Links all wrong in gallery :(

Gday guys a have been pulling my hair out over the past 2 days about these two probs
I am desperate for help

My theme is Studio Box (http://themeforest.net/item/studio-bo...) and i am having all types of issues when posting photos in a default mode or gallery mode -

Inset Gallery into post and i get Massive spaces between rows

Let my them insert what it calls a "big gallery" - a slide show , and i get all the buy photo links at the top... ARRRRRRRRRRH

another thing is there anyway of making a a gallery that had pages... so like 20 pics a page... adding 100 photos to one pages is a bit crazy maybe lol

link to both the insert gallery and the themed gallery -


i see the buy button works well with light box... i have installed plug and added my page to the list but it hasnt changed anything :(

thanks for any advise
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