Toolbar placement/style (WordPress shortcode?)


I'm using WordPress with Jetpack and the "Carousel" image gallery. I'm not a developer byt tech-savvy enough to hack into my templates a little bit.

I'd like to have better control over where the toolbar/buttons appear, and what they look like (ideally, I would want them to appear in the long text/description for the photo).

Is there a help article/resource available for that?

Knowing that WordPress has so-called "shortcodes" this would seem like an ideal solution, something like [fotomoto print="yes" card="yes" download="no" share="no"] - I know, wishful thinking, but it can't hurt to share the idea, right? :-)

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  • Derek (Official Rep) May 04, 2018 20:24
    Hi Alexander,

    Thanks for your post and I"ll be happy to help you get Fotomoto set up to work as you'd like it to.

    Could you please send us an email via and include the URL of a page on your site where we can see the gallery in action and also give me a bit more info on how you'd like to change the position and/or appearance of the toolbar?

    In general, many customizations can be accomplished via CSS only - for more general information please see our Customizing the Buy Buttons article. Otherwise it is possible to use Fotomoto in API mode and have complete control over where the Buy Buttons go. For more information on this please see:
    Integrating Fotomoto into an image gallery and Getting Started with the Fotomoto API.

    Hope that helps and kind regards,
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  • Hello Derek,

    thanks for the reply and sorry about the late response, I've been traveling a little bit and now try to catch up with things. I will look at the customization resources you linked first and see how far I can get with that.

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