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Toolbar appearing twice, css toolbar enhancement

The toolbar is displayed twice on my tumblr theme. Above and under the photo. Also, I want to edit the Buy-text to match my theme on Tumblr. I have managed to change nearly all. I still have to to change the height of the background of the text to 16px and hover color to white.

I have this so far:

.FotomotoToolbarClass a,
.FotomotoToolbarClass a:link,
.FotomotoToolbarClass a:visited,
.FotomotoToolbarClass a:active,
.FotomotoToolbarClass a:hover {
font-family: helvetica !important;
text-decoration:none !important;
font-size: 11px; /* change font size to 12 pixels */
text-decoration :none;
font-weight: normal !important;
color: #000000; /* show the links in gray */
background: #dd3636;
height: 16px;
.FotomotoSep1 {
display:none; /* hide the separator after Share */
.FotomotoSep2 {
display:none; /* hide the separator after Share */
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