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Toolbar does not display in IE8

I am developing a new website that I am planning to incorporate the Fotomoto service. However, the Fotomoto toolbar does not display when site is accessed with any flavor of Internet Explorer. I expect problems with IE6 and to some degree IE7. But if it will not work with IE8, then it is a problem.

The website pulls in a Wordpress site to provide the "Blog" page as well as it having its own gallery page "Placeholder" (not Wordpress) to display photos. I have incorporated two different Fotomoto scripts built through your settings control panel; one for the photos in the Wordpress "Blog" and another script for the gallery page "Placeholder". The Wordpress blog utilizes the Slimbox2 javascript and the gallery page uses Slimbox javascript.

Everything appears to work correctly using Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome on Mac OS. It also appears to work correctly with Firefox on PC using XP, Vista or Windows 7. I only have IE6 & IE7 on XP neither of which display the Fotomoto toolbar. Have tried IE8 on XP, Vista, and Windows 7; will not display the toolbar on these systems.

You are welcome to look at the site if you wish, but keep in mind that it is still being developed so things can change at any time.


Currently the "Blog" page has only one test entry. The picture in that entry should have the Fotomoto toolbar. There are two gallery type pages "Gallery" & "Placeholder". The "Gallery" page does not have the Fotomoto script (because I could not get it to work with this type of lightbox javascript. However the page titled "Placeholder" should be displaying the Fotomoto toolbar.
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