I’m confused

Toolbar not reflecting CSS changes


I've used following CSS code to adjust the toolbar on my site:

.FotomotoToolbarClass a,
.FotomotoToolbarClass a:link,
.FotomotoToolbarClass a:visited,
.FotomotoToolbarClass a:active,
.FotomotoToolbarClass a:hover {
font-size:12px !important;
color: #fff;
text-decoration:none !important;
.FotomotoSep2 {
display:block !important;
.FotomotoECardButton {
float:left !important;

yet, the links are still underlined - it seems all the FotomotoToolbarClass attributes are ignored. I also wonder where the break between "buy print" and "buy card" comes form and how to get rid of it... :)

See for example: http://www.focx.de/2010/04/04/cherry-...

Help is appreciated!