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Just starting out and want your advise on the BEST way to transfer my 35mm and slides to digital. I dont have a bag full of money to spend, so please help me also find the most economical solution too.
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  • Derek (Official Rep) April 28, 2011 17:13
    Hi tgz0405,

    Thanks for your post. Your question isn't really in the realm of things that we can provide support for, but we can leave the question on our forum here for any of our community members to respond with their suggestions. Personally I think if you've got a lot of slides to scan you might want to check in to buying a high quality slide scanner...maybe a used one to keep the price reasonable. If there aren't that many slides to scan, have the best of them professionally scanned.

    Anyone else reading feel free to jump in here =)

    Kind regards,
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