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Trouble with toolbar

Hi FotoMoto,

Your service was a piece of cake to set up on my new site, but now I'm having problems. I'm hosting with Godaddy and using Wordpress and fancybox that is part of the theme Deep Focus from Elegant Themes. The toolbar is showing up in blue at the top of my photo on my home page, even though I have it set to show up at the bottom. Before I switched to Deep Focus I was using Elegant Themes EPhoto Theme with shadowbox js and it was working fine but then the next day it just disappeared. I deactivated all plug ins to make sure they were not the problem and did not find an issue with any of them. I really would like to use the theme Deep Focus with my site and with your toolbar. Any help would be appreciated.

My site is itsmia.com

Thank you,
Mia Bauer
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