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Trying to create a fully functional web site service and blog, have the products, ready to go

I m trying to figure it out,, I need a web site that sales my ebooks, misc products fine art photography, I need to provide printing, matting and framing options, would like to take advantage of the "special products" I have seen on sites such as Smugmug and zazzel for which I m also looking at but Im lost right now, I dont know what I need and how it all interworks with each other, or if it is all integrated. I have been looking at 4 sucessful sites and how they do it. How they do it is what evades me. To use fotomoto?, do I need to host my images and ebooks somewhere else? then still yet find another componey that has printing services, then yet another to frame them. Im trying to build a following on facebook and want to lead them to my web site . if I chose fotomoto will that be my web site? or do I need to start with something like Wordpress, I will alos want a blog to run, I dont really know where to start,, I think somewhere I read that smug mug was a onestopall they do it all, you post only one place. CaN YOU SHEAD SOME LIGHT ON THIS FOR ME I HAVE BEEN TRYING to FIGURE this out for days now. Thank you ASAP,, Tom with Digital Imagery Conceptual Artworks D.I.C.A.
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  • Hi ninelivezzz,

    There are a lot of services out there, so I can understand how this might get confusing.

    While I can't give you much information about other services, I will say that to use Fotomoto you'll need a website where your images are hosted. I'd recommend you have a look at the list of services Fotomoto works with.

    Currently we can help you with selling many different printed products which are listed here

    Note that we are planning to offer framing and other products as well.

    For more about how to get started using Fotomoto, please see this article:

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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