Using Buy Buttons with Elementor Pro

I am redoing my website on Wordpress using Elementor Pro to do it, and when I activate FotoMoto it displays the following "Buy Print | Buy Card | Download |" on every image, even after I have disabled it from showing up on any page.
Currently I only want it on a particular page called "Gallery" but it is not being a success at this time.

Under Publishing Platform I have "Wordpress".
Under Script Library: I have picked almost everyone of them and they all have the same result. Even when I select "I don't know".

I tried in using the API Mode but I'm not sure where the script supposed to go when using Elementor Pro.

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

NOTE: The webpage can't be displayed right now as I am not done with the updates yet and it's on maintenance mode.

The add image feature here is not allowing me to submit a link to a screenshot:

On the screenshot above, under fotomoto settings everything is disabled including the categories section and the buy buttons are still being displayed on every image.
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