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Using WordPress and Gallery3

My site includes WP and G3. What would I need to do to use FM on both, and yes, I am using a "*BOX" to open images in Gallery 3.

The problem I see may be that I'm using a different "*box" for WP than I am using for G3.

G3 is located in it's own directory as is WP:
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  • Derek (Official Rep) August 01, 2012 22:20
    Hi dwdallam,

    I'm currently helping you with your question over our support email channel, so let's work together there to get your site up and running with Fotomoto. Currently I'm not seeing the Fotomoto Script appear in the source HTML for your site, so there seems to be an issue with your installation.

    Instead of discussing this here and over email, let's figure things out over email and I'll post a follow-up for anyone reading along.

    Thanks and kind regards,
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