Wall peels: very large size!

I have a customer that is asking me the possibility to buy a 300x200 cm wall peel (approx. 120" x 80").
So, I tried myself to digit this custom size in the fotomoto box and it works partially: the price shows up but at the same time a red message appears: Please enter a value between 3 and 100.

I tried to ignore the message adding the item to the cart and it worked.

Now the first question is, will this method work if a customer would confirm this kind of order? Is this the right procedure to follow? Actually, concerning wall peels, fotomoto says that there's virtually no limit in image size, but the problem is that a customer might be disoriented by that red message that tells you not to go over 100.

Second question is: assuming that 100 value would be the limit, there would be an inconsistency problem with units because a customer that uses inches as measure will have the opportunity to order a wall peel up to 100" (254cm) while on the other side a customer that is using cm as measure will be able to select wall peels size up to 100cm (which is approx. 40 inches). So is there a way to solve this problem?

As always many thanks for the kind support and sorry for my english mistakes, hope everything is understandable the way i wrote it :)

Stefano Viola
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