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What is best WordPress site structure using FotoMoto?

1. I'm using WordPress. With post I can add tags and categories which makes searching for photos nice. As I remember in a conversation with Derek, you prefer pages over post for Google ranking. Is this the reason?

2. Do you prefer one photo per page/post, many photos per page/post with each page/post as a category like birds, fish, etc or entirely some other system?

What is best WordPress site structure using FotoMoto?
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  • Hi StAugustineHousePlans,

    Thanks for the post, and here are the answers to your questions:

    1. You can show Fotomoto Buy Buttons in either Posts or Pages - either works great. If I remember correctly, I was suggesting one possible SEO advantage of linking gallery thumbnails to an "attachment" page in WordPress. This approach a) gives you a URL to share when wanting to link someone to a page about any image and b) gives search engines a specific URL for the page so it can be displayed in search results. For more on possible setups, please see How do I use Fotomoto with WordPress image galleries?.

    2. The "best" setup is the one that gets your site visitors to the information they want in the best-possible way...making a good user experience. Just for example, say your main goal is to sell a certain set of images. Might be best to put those directly on your home page, and/or a page where you're getting most traffic. Another thing to keep in mind is that nobody likes to wait for slow web pages, and putting too many images on a page can slow down the page load time, so it might be best to break things up a bit.

    Personally, I like options 2 and 3 on the page linked above, but as mentioned, what you want to do is what makes most sense for you and your site visitors.

    Hope that helps and kind regards,
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