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What is the best free web hosting to use with Fotomoto?

Ok question. What is the best free hosting site to use with fotomoto honestly. Weebly, blogger, tumblr...all of these require you to place one image at a time in order for the fotomoto buy print to even show up. It is an entirely inefficient process and after a week of trying to find a viable solution I am about to give up on fotomoto all together. As an amateur photographer trying something new I have been very turned off by the limited selection of free hosting website (that are actually practical to use) that fotomoto suggests. If I am missing something and there really is a great option please let me know. I would really love to use fotomoto but I need a free hosting site that just lets me simply create a site and upload pictures in mass and be able to sell them without have to put them up one at a time. Sorry if the tone of this question sounds angry; I really do like fotomoto.
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