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I’m curious

What URL shows that a sale is complete? SEO question.

When you're using Google Analytics, and probably other similar products, there's a point where you want to be able to give them the final landing page when the sale is complete.

It doesn't have to be a page with query strings or anything (I don't think).

As an example, in the past when my site was using Paypal, you could tell it what page to go to when the sale was finished. Something along the lines of finished.html or whatever.

It would be nice to have this capability, or to know what FM page during the process shows that a sale has been made.

It's important when you're trying to figure out what sort of leads took users to an actual sale.

Maybe you already have this, in the sense that all sales end up on a Thank You page, and if so - this might work. I would plug that final FM Thank You page into Google Analytics as a goal (that's what they call sales) and voila.

It's not the biggest issue in the world - but it would be nice.

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