I’m frustrated

Where is the "add store" button??

I am looking to add a store to my account, and I cannot find the "add store" button, not even with the directions given by troubleshooting. Please help!
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  • Derek (Official Rep) October 25, 2012 20:17
    Hi Katherine,

    Our apologies for any confusion - we haven't updated all of the how-to articles yet with information about the recent changes.

    We now have limits on how many stores can be added, depending on which Subscription Plan you choose. If you're signed up as Free, you can't add additional stores to a single account because we take away the "add store" button.

    So, your options would be:
    1. Add another site address if that suits your needs
    2. Create another free account
    3. Upgrade to Pro or Pro Plus

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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