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Who is using FotoMoto to sell their photography?


I'm considering adding FotoMoto to my APhotoFolio website.
But FotoMoto only has two photographers listed as examples of those using it.

If any of you use it and LOVE it, please get in touch via Contact link from my website. I'd love to hear how it's working for you.

I thank you!
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  • Hi creativepaddler,

    Thanks for your post. I'll leave it open for any APhotoFolio users to add their comments, but if you're looking for examples of people using Fotomoto with APhotoFolio, you could contact APhotoFolio - they might have an easy way of pulling a list of Fotomoto users.

    FYI, I've had really good feedback from the APhotoFolio users who have contacted our support team.

    I hope that helps and kind regards,
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