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I’m disappointed

Why do support questions get flagged as "answered" when they are not resolved?

Each time I have asked a support question, the initial "answer" I have received has NOT resolved the issue. Fair enough, I don't have an issue with that, but possibly as the original question is flagged as "answered" my follow up response has been ignored, each time, for several days until I either add a further response or open another question.

This has happened yet again with my latest support incident. The response to my original question came within a few hours, but it didn't resolve the issue, however, my follow up has been ignored for considerably longer than the original response.

Can you please either update your procedures or change the system so that priority is given to existing open questions, and not new ones.
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  • Hi Brendan,

    I am really sorry about this. You are right! we mark questions answered based on the original question and whether customer is happy with the result. We won't mark a Q answered if our customer is not satisfied with the answer.

    When you send a follow up, we only receive an email notification versus a system alert and sometimes (not all the time!) we miss the emails. I apologize for that.

    We can't change the system as we don't have control over it. GetSatisfaction is a paid system that we use for our customer support. Although it is a great tool, it has few small flaws. We usually let them know what our customers expect from us and how they can improve their system accordingly.

    Having said that, we do our best to answer all your questions and again I'm sorry that we missed your follow up questions. Also, You can always send us an email to

    Thanks for being patient with us,
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