I’m concerned

IE7 toolbar does not show in Greybox

System: Windows XP running IE 7
Problem: The toolbar does not show...

I am aware that this problem has been discussed and declared as fixed - however: I had colleagues checking my site (www.photonopticum.com) under the above mentioned configuration.... in 5 out of 5 cases the toolbar does not show.

This issue was officially declared as resolved. And it partially is.
Fact is, that the toolbar is not working in IE7 on my site. It is however working on other Artists websites, as I have checked several of them. So it seems to be a problem with my site, which is using Greybox to display the images for sale.
Can you guys please look into this? And update me via email or the help forum about the status? That would be fantastic.


Can anyone give me a hint here?

Thank you!

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