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Wordpress resizing - What size image will print?

So on my wordpress page the image src is


The actual image file is 3444x5510.

The file that is in the store is 640x1024. How can I display the image at one size, but have Fotomoto grab the actual image without posting full res file on the page?

Example: http://conceptdesign.com/2015/03/05/t...
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  • Derek (Official Rep) March 07, 2015 19:08
    Hi klockheed,

    Thanks for your post. Typically you'll not want to post the high-resolution file directly on your site and resize it for a few reasons:

    1. It drastically increases the page load time because the file takes a long time to load
    2. Many photographers have a concern that the public has access to the high-resolution file that can be used to make prints, etc.

    For this reason Fotomoto is designed to reference the web-resolution image (typically 72dpi with the longest dimension at 1024 or less) as explained in How Fotomoto Works....

    Fotomoto will make print sizes available based on the aspect ratio of the image, then when a customer orders you'll just need to provide us with the high resolution file as explained in the article above.

    I hope that helps explain and if you need any further clarification just let me know!

    Kind regards,
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