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Wordpress and fotomoto, flawed?

Ok so I have posted multiple problems now, and I was able to fix one on my own. From the get-go fotomoto would not work on wordpress 3.0.3+ for me. I have even tried the regular theme that is bundled with wordpress.

My last post was about the plugin prettyPhoto. I gave up trying to figure that one out and switched to Lightbox Plus. I am getting the exact same problems.

The fotomoto scripts are being loaded in the footer and the cart and overlay code is being loaded but fotomoto will not pick up any images, nor put a toolbar under them. I have no photos in my FM dashboard. Nothing. I have the settings set up correctly too.

I know this is not just a CSS issue, as there is no toolbar code whatsoever. This is the last testing step before I launch and add official images etc...

Is there a way I can manually place orders? I ask because if I need to I will set up opencart based on your pricing and process orders that way. If not I will use another service such as Nation's Photo Lab.

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