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Would really love "Pay What You Want" field option

I've been searching high and low for a plugin that supports digital downloads with "fundraiser" type pricing options. I truly think this type of pricing model is the future to selling digital art.
The rising generation and honestly people in general are more willing to "contribute" when they feel good about being in control than "pay" for art. Seriously, I would love this as an addon. Please consider adding this!
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  • Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for your post. To be frank this isn't something we'll probably add in the near future, but we'll leave this "Idea" post open and see how many from the Community would like the same.

    In the meantime you could certainly use a 3rd-party service alongside Fotomoto to accomplish what you're after. I think there are a several services that offer something like what you're looking for. That's definitely what I'd suggest for now.

    Hope that helps and kind regards,
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