WP Gallery reccomendations for non programmers?

We are looking for a Wordpress gallery plugin that is beautiful, customizable, easy to use, and that will work with Fotomoto pretty much out of the box.

We already know about WP Photo Album Plus - but this one is very complicated and not intuitive at all to set up and use; although it seems to be the only one we could find (so far) that has a direct configuration option to hook in with Fotomoto.

We are desperate to find something better and easier to set up and use, as my client does not want to have to work that hard just to sell her photos and display them in a gallery.

She thinks like an artist, not like a programmer.

Can anyone offer some suggestions for Fotomoto-compatable slideshow/gallery plugins?

PS, I have looked it the Fotomoto API pages - but this assumes we have knowledge about coding with javascript - we do not.

Thank you.
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  • Derek (Official Rep) June 04, 2018 18:29
    Hi Timothy,

    Thank you for your post and I'll be happy to assist.

    Firstly, if your client wants ease-of-use, I would recommend setting him or her up with a hosted solution, as it will be by far the easiest way to use Fotomoto - for the list of the ones we recommend please see the "we recommend" row at the top of this page.

    Also note that if your client uses Lightroom, the Turning Gate solution would be very worth taking a look at.

    WordPress is of course a very powerful solution too, and honestly I think Fotomoto looks and works great with the built-in WordPress galleries - just link the thumbnails in a gallery to an "attachment page" and you're off to the races. The Buy links can be customized to appear however you like using CSS. For more on how to do that in WordPress, please see https://codex.wordpress.org/Inserting_Images_into_Posts_and_Pages#Image_Link.

    If you're looking for a gallery plugin, WP Photo Album Plus does require a bit of configuration, but our step-by-step guide should make it fairly painless. There's also Juicebox, and Foobox might also have an easy solution for you.

    Hope that helps and just let me know how I can assist further!

    Kind regards,
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  • Derek,

    Thanks for getting back to us.
    We have been experimenting using some of the methods you suggested.
    And yes, using the native WP gallery does work, however we were hoping to incorporate it into a gallery slideshow other than the ones you suggested.

    One of the most extensive ones out there is LayerSlider - which I just now purchased (a new site license) from Envato on behalf of my client (Cinnamon Sky), as I would like to find out if this slider plugin might be adaptable to use with Fotomoto.

    Although MetaSlider also looked promising, we are not yet fully satisfied with it in all things.

    So now we are going to look into LayerSlider.
    I have used this plugin in the past with several of my clients, and had always been satisfied with it's features - and now it has been updated yet again, with a whole new slew of great features.

    You had referred us to the Fotomoto API help area.
    That is of no use to us, as neither of us have any serious chops with regards to Javascript - all that look like Greek to me. LOL

    I would appreciate any help getting Fotomoto to work with LayerSlider that you could provide.

    Hoping to get a positive response from you..

    - Timothy Hall
    On behalf of Cinnamon Sky - cinnamonskyphotography.com
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  • Derek (Official Rep) June 09, 2018 21:27
    Hi Timothy,

    Have you tried Galleria (https://galleria.io/) or fancyBox? They are the best-functioning slideshow libraries that we have provided built-in support for. If not, I would suggest giving them a shot.

    As you probably know, there are hundreds if not thousands of gallery libraries out there, and we can't hope to support them all. We only support a handful at this time, but we also built Fotomoto to be very easy to integrate with so that developers can use our service on their libraries. We are likely to add support for more libraries in the future, but please understand that we will likely target only the most utilized and best-functioning galleries. I can't say with any certainty whether LayerSlider will be one of those as we haven't reviewed it, but I will try and contact the developer to see if they will provide us with an evaluation copy to take a look at.

    For now, if Galleria or fancyBox doesn't work for you, my suggestion would be to engage a JavaScript developer or the LayerSlider developers to help you make Fotomoto compatible. That way you would have a reliable solution that you could use for all of your clients.

    Thanks again and kind regards,
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