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2 bad Indonesian entities have bad names that show up in google searches

Date: 04/02/2012


Foursquare has got a couple of awfully weird entities purporting to be in nation of Indonesia.

Here’s an two examples of these strange entities:


Interesting that they are both in Indonesia. Perhaps they were both user created, but somehow Foursquare didn’t understand Indonesian.

So, why on earth does this matter? Because, if you run a Google search for, these Indonesian entities come back as top search results!

Funky monkey!

Real World Repro Steps:

1. Navigate to
2. Run a plausible (no, really, I did) search for Foursquare’s mobile site using the term “ mobile”
3. Note that the enticing term “Join Foursquare to do that” appears in the search results
4. Note that the link associated with “Join Foursquare to do that” is a mysterious entity in Jakarta, Indonesia.
5. Name of mysterious entity is actually a URL with the actual term “foursquarecommobile” in it
6. Slap yourself in the forehead for reading this

Result: 2 bad Indonesian entities have url’s as name, side effect is that they are turning up prominently in google searches for foursquare’s mobile site.

Expected: Removal or name change for the above entities.

Note: See attached screenshots.
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