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Twitter number count doesn’t change if I tweet after editing a place’s details.

Environment: Website Production


This is an extremely minor bug, but I guess worth reporting. I first noticed this on Safari 5. I kept racking my brain trying to figure out what I did to get to happen. I kept seeing it periodically, but now I think I’ve figured it out.

As always, it is much easier to show what I am seeing with screenshots. Please see

On the foursquare website, I’ve noticed that after you edit something about a place’s detail page, the numerical count on the twitter popup stops working.

The numerical count (next to the “SHARE” button) stays frozen at 200, even if you completely clear all text in the popup.

As a twitter user who continually is barked at by twitter for character limits, not seeing that number change is shocking.

Repro Steps:

1. On a laptop, navigate to
2. Go to any place’s detail page
3. Using the “Report a Problem” link select “Incorrect name/address”
4. Add in a telephone number (or a twitter handle)
5. After dismissal of venue edit popup, click on the “Share via Twitter” link
6. Clear text in the twitter popup while keep eyes on numerical count next to the “Share” button

Result: The numerical count of characters on the twitter popup stops working, if the user activates it after reporting a problem with a place’s info

Expected: I am so OCD that I want that twitter count always working, damn it.
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