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Venue Name: J. Simões Engenharia
Address: Rua Osvaldo Cruz, 606
Cross Street:
City: Fortaleza
State/Country: CE - Brasil
Postal Code: 60125-150
Lat/Long: -3.730838, -38.498799
Twitter: @jsimoeseng
Phone: (85) 3133-4060
Category: Building
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  • Hi, I have gone ahead and fixed this for you.

    If you`ve not already done so, could you possibly include the full venue URL as this is the easiest way for the Super Users to help you!

    If you want to submit any other corrections or even merges (if you find duplicates) the best place to do so is in the appropriate "master thread" for your region which you should find by clicking the link below.

    Where to post your venue edits

    Be sure to include both venue URLs and indicate (if needed) which is the correct location if a merge is required.

    If you need to amend the pin location of a venue, Google Maps makes it easy enough. Simply find the new location for the pin in Google Maps, Right Click that spot and choose “What's Here?” from the menu. The coordinates will then appear in the Search box at the top of the page which you can easily copy and paste into your request.
    Don’t forget you can also click on the ‘report a problem’ link on every venue page and submit your address suggestions and more there! It saves a lot of copying and pasting into the Get Sat threads.
    Thanks for helping keep foursquare tidy!

    Keep up the good work,

    Andrew L ツ
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