• internal server error reported Xmarks for firefox

    … ] >>> Callback ({status:1010, errormsg:"Invalid server response"}) [2009-05-08 11 … :35] >>> POST http://api.xmarks.com/internal/server... [2009-05-08 11:35 … :41:53] Failed to load baseline from server. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. This is on a Windows XP … (2009-05-08)

    Tags: server, internal, parse

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    • … the unknown error number 3 or this internal server error. My Firefox bookmarks are a shambles. Here's my log … :40:54] Returned error: Internal Server Error(500) [2010-06-14 … (2010-06-14)
    • I just installed FF4 with the latest Xmarks 3.9.8 and im getting Internal server error -_- (2011-03-29)
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  • All my bookmarks are deleted from the online server

    … inventory is smaller then before and if i wanted to fix it, i would have to download a version from the online server, which was the biggest F-ing mistake i did while trying to fix the issue. I had over 100s … (2012-02-02)

    Tags: deleted, bookmarks, online server, xmarks, firefox, chrome

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    • This just happened to me as well, I am on chrome though, all the bookmarks on the server are gone, and it synced the wrong set of bookmarks. (2012-02-03)
    • Same story here, all bookmarks gone from the server, using chrome.... (2012-02-03)
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  • "Failed to parse server response" on own server even after manual upload succeeds.

    … Failed to parse server response" on own server. Manual upload succeeds on several clients but problem still exists when one of the other sync … ] >>> Callback(({status:1010, errormsg:"Invalid server response"}) [2008-08-14 10 … : ({status:1010, msg:"Failed to parse server response"}) [2008-08-14 10 … :52] Returned error: Failed to parse server response(1010) [2008-08-14 … (2008-08-14)

    Tags: foxmarks, server response, failed to parse, bookmarks, custom server

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    • … 2 browsers it's synchronizzed to. Are you seeing this problem on all your browsers, or just one? What seems to be happening is that your server file has been corrupted, which can happen due … those--it's strange that this wouldn't fix things for you. Hm, just occurred to me--how big is the server file? If you turn off favicon synchronization, does … (2008-08-15)
    • … computer. Download to the "broken" computer. Copy the server file to a different location. Upload from the "broken" computer. See if there's any difference between the old and "broken" server files. It sounds like there's something odd going on with the home browser, but it's not immediately … (2008-08-15)
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  • ERROR: Failed to Parse Server Response

    When I Synchronize I get this ERROR! Failed to Parse Server Response (2008-09-25)

    Tags: foxmarks, synchronization, parse, server

    · Solved · 16 replies · 25
    • … happens if there's a network problem connecting to the Foxmarks server. If this is a portable computer, try synchronizing on another network; otherwise, please email us the last few lines … .log as described here and we'll do our best to help. Note that if you're using your own server and getting this behavior, it probably means that your bookmark … (2008-09-25)
    • … .json file got corrupted, one of my computers must have been updating as the server crashed. I had to re-upload my bookmarks and that fixed the problem completely … (2008-10-24)
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  • Bookmarks file being deleted by the Foxmarks client (Linux) when using my own Webdav server.

    … and one Ubuntu. My bookmarks are stored centrally at my own webdav server. All went well, but now there is an odd problem: The Ubuntu client deletes bookmarks.json from the server! The Windows clients can download, upload and "merge" without problems but as soon as my Linux box finds "changed … (2008-11-13)

    Tags: webdav, delete, json, server, ubuntu, linux, windows, merge

    · Not a problem · 15 replies
    • … is: (disabled) After this, nothing is happening. It keeps on "PUT"-ting it to my webdav server. The problem only occurs with the Ubuntu one. At the moment that one is running Firefox … (2008-11-19)
    • … to sync it just deletes my bookmarks.json file on my server and wont replace it with a new one. Every time it happens, I have to restore a backup on the server, which is quite cumbersome and annoying to be honest. Sometimes it tries to sync, but it ends up with an incomplete file and a sync … (2008-11-24)
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  • Sync to own ftp server does not work any more for FF 3.08 after upgrade to XMarks 3.02: Synchronization error(4)

    … after upgrade to XMarks 3.02 Did not remember the "use own server" setting. Now no more syncing possible. Could you provide the previous Foxmarks version … (2009-04-12)

    Tags: own server, update, firefox, gmx

    · Solved · 24 replies · 15
    • I was getting this after upgrade to xmarks. You need force an upload, overwriting the bookmarks on your server (from the advanced tab in xmarks settings). After doing this, xmarks will be able to sync with the server properly again. (2009-04-12)
    • I'm seeing the same error and I'm using a private WebDAV server which was working fine until the recent update to Xmarks. (2009-04-13)
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  • Can I totally clear my server and start again: Node missing?

    … , too I have saved my IE and my Firefox bookmarks on my desktop so I don't mind clearing the entire server, which I think would be easiest; then import the saved bookmarks; and then synchronize … re: UPLOAD; and DOWNLOAD? If I'm confused so are others. 3. Is it possible to have an UNDO feature in case you remove something from a server; made a mistake; and want to reinstall what you had before? Thanking you in advance … (2009-06-12)

    Tags: using both ie and firefox, how to clear server, error source internal, id: -10, id: -50

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    • … as you. You've already manually edited your bookmark set in Firefox, and would like to replace the server contents with what you've just edited in Firefox. From there, sync the rest … a "Sync Now" will merge the contents of what's in your browser, with what is contained on the server. To answer your question about an "Undo" feature, we've got you covered with our Explore … (2009-06-13)
    • … -0500: Info: Uploading local changes to server 2009-11-17 11:56 … ":"insert","args":{"name":"Local CUPS Server","ntype":"bookmark","pnid":"fyk4s7zq-0 … ":"insert","args":{"name":"Local CUPS Server","ntype":"bookmark","pnid":"fyk4s7zq-0 … (2009-11-17)
  • SFTP - Synchronising with Home Server across the Web

    … Home Server running Windows XP which is On all of the time. I HATE 'cloud computing' and 'cloud services' because I know that other people have full … ; on the LAN and over the Internet if I'm not at home. I can setup an FTP server, which would do the job, as I have noticed that Xmarks supports FTP … (2010-02-07)

    Tags: home server, windows xp, cloud computing, cloud services, unencrypted data, bookmarks, unencrypted e-mails, google docs, synchronise, lan, internet, ftp server, sftp

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  • (private server) Sync Error: this._mgr is undefined...

    … your great plugin to sync bookmarks via my priavte server. Today I updated xmarks to 3.6 … is undefined(chrome://foxmarks/content/foxmarks-server.js: 389) [2010-04-14 13 … (2010-04-14)

    Tags: firefox, xmarks, error, sync, private server

    · Solved · 22 replies · 20
    • I saw the same error so decided to do a forced upload to my server and now it's just sitting there "synchronizing" Bookmarks. It's uploaded the file as far as I can tell, but it's not moving onto Passwords. (2010-04-14)
    • … ' until I cancel. FWIW - I save my bookmarks to my local server and I can see the json file is uploaded OK, but for some reason the transfer … (2010-04-14)
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  • Support for 'own server' in Xmarks for IE, Safari and iPhone

    … that Xmarks will be shutting down (thanks for the fabulous service over these past years!) I am looking to use my own server so I can continue with Xmarks clients. This is working fine with the FireFox plugin … to setup and works like a charm) but horror of horrors there is no option to specify one's own server in Xmark for IE, Ssfari or the Xmarks iPhone app … (2010-09-29)

    Tags: own server, ie, safari, iphone

    · Answered · 5 replies · 6
    • server support in non-Firefox Xmarks clients was always something we wanted to get to, but never were able to conjure up the resources for it--if I remember correctly, Xmarks … (2010-09-29)
    • I'm sorry I don't really realize the reason, in my opinion, support "own server" is only different in server address. It is really so difficult? (2010-09-30)
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