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I’m frustrated

Bookmarks changed dramatically after lunch of Chrome

Working with Firefox on 3 PCs. No problem with sync (excluding that automatic sync hangs the Firefox, but this is another topic I opened recently).

Frequently when I start Chrome (I am not using it every day) where automatic sync is enabled, I receive the following message in the firefox some time afterwards:
"Xmarks has detected that your current bookmark set is significantly smaller than the last synchronized set.".
I saw that bookmarks lost half of my set of 4000 bookmarks.

I went to the>Tools->Resore&Explore old bookmarks.
I exported 5 last sets of bookmarks as html-files and compared them with the araxis.

The results:

a) Old bookmarks sets are all identical

b) Old bookmarks sets have html-file size of 801 KB while a new one has a size of 1.263 KB. If it is called "significantly smaller" thus I don't know what is bigger.

c) Comparison with araxis shows that new set is absolutely different even its format is different" e.g., there is [ADD_DATE="1261171925"] in the old files and no in the new files.

This mess is the reason why I disabled the sync with other browsers other than firefox. In the chrome I mostly do download of bookmarks.

Special problems were when I enabled the automatic sync in IEs. I needed to restore bookmarks every time I used it. Now I don't have singleIE with automatic sync.

Any idea from the community what is going on with Chrome extension when using it not every day (my guess that this is source of the problem)?
Why it corrupts the bookmarks?
Any experience of using xmarks on different browsers?

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