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Chrome: partial synchronisation

I've just installed Chrome on two PCs, with Xmarks extensions. I'm a paid-up Xmarks user. The sync. fails at the same place in each installation; up to a given point the folders have their bookmarks, and after that point the folders are empty.
I see that there seem to be many people with problems concerning Chrome and Xmarks. If this doesn't get fixed soon, I'll ditch Chrome and use Firefox sync.
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  • Terry (Official Rep) May 02, 2011 20:04
    Hi Tim,

    I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing issue with your Xmarks account. When the sync fails for you, do you see an error message or does it hang? At what point in the sync does it stop or get stuck?

    Are you running Chrome Sync or Firefox Sync in addition to Xmarks? These other sync programs are known to cause issues when running with Xmarks. Please disabled.

    Please respond with more information regarding the sync error so we can help you resolve.
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