Need option clearly defined as "disaster recovery"

guys and gals at XMARKs.....
I just had a major crash with my computer
and I am typing from my brand new computer that I have just loaded Firefox into
and it has none of my old bookmarks. luckily I was using XMARKs and I have my
old bookmarks backed up and I can see them on your website.
I want to down load all the bookmarks from your website into my computer
and I FEAR the use of the "synchronize" option because in the past
that always took the contents of my computer bookmarks and moved
the newest and latest changes to your website.
NOW I am afraid if I select synchronize my blank computer bookmarks
will overlay my bookmarks on your website stored under my account.

YOU NEED to offer a "recover from disaster" option that clearly states
that it is for rebuilding on a new computer from scratch all of the saved

Along those lines, I am asking for directions on how to restore all my bookmarks
to my new computer. It is not evident in any of your website options on how
to do that.

Thanks sincerely, It looks like if I do this right, you folks will have saved the
day for me and I owe you lifelong gratitude.

please help
Scott Perkins

PS. I just proofread my msg before sending and I guess the real dilemna is
"how does a user like myself designate what and where is the best and latest
update or group of bookmarks that all systems should sychronize to ? "
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  • When you install Xmarks on a fresh Firefox profile, you have the option of overwriting the bookmarks on the computer with what's on the Xmarks server.

    You can also achieve this manually by exiting out of the install wizard, go to Xmarks > Tools > Settings, enter your username and password there, then under "Advanced" click "Download".

    Or you can go to and use the Explore & Restore tool to export a specific version of your bookmarks to an html file and restore from that.

    Many options!
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