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xmarks.log filling drive

My computer crashed over night and wouldn’t boot this morning.
I chained the hard drive to another computer and found that it was completely full. No free space at all.

Over night the file “c:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\########.default\xmarks.log” had grown to over 950GB and consumed every last bit of free space on this 1TB drive.

After deleting xmarks.log the system boots again, but the problem isn’t fixed. Logging isn’t and has never been enabled in setting.

When I start Firefox (13.0.1) it runs for about 1 minute before it locks up. Just before it locks up it shows in the bottom left corner “Xmarks: Performing synchronization...”. The xmarks.log file starts to rapidly grow out of control again the second the sync starts.

The only thinks being written to the file over and over again are:
“[2012-07-03 13:42:00] Synchronize: processing action insert_insert”.

After several hundred of those, one of these:
“[2012-07-03 13:42:00] Synchronize: processing action insert_update”.

Then more of these:
“[2012-07-03 13:42:00] Synchronize: processing action insert_insert”.
... on and on.

Uninstall xmarks (4.1.0), reboot, reinstall, reboot, sync, didn’t make the problem go away.
If I disable the add-on Firefox is stable.
OS is XP pro SP3.
What next?
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