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Darren James (Technical Director) November 12, 2009 17:31

New! Post your maps to Facebook & Twitter

We've made a new update live this week to iMapFlickr that allows you to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

When you login to iMapFlickr you have two new tabs in your account area, Twitter and Facebook. You'll also see two new options at the top of the page:

The new options allow you to tie either your Twitter or Facebook accounts (or hey, push the boat out and do both) to your iMapFlickr account. When you are editing or saving maps, you have the option to automatically tweet or post on your Facebook wall about your wondrous geographic creation.

You can setup a default message to display each time in the new options, or enter a custom one as you edit your maps.

Some of you may have noticed we've been talking about a facebook app too - well, this isn't it, its just a new feature to allow you to get your maps to more people easier. We'll let you know about the Facebook app once its ready!

We hope you like this new feature :)