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Save Money! Wrap Christmas gifts in Sundy Funny Pages!

Since we're all saving money using Kimbery Printable free stuff we can print on our printers, I thought maybe you'd like this idea to help save you even more money!

When I was a kid (about a hundred years ago), our family didn't have much money and my Mom didn't want to "waste money" on buying wrapping paper. Since there were no such things as computers and free printables to download, she made do with what she had on hand---newspaper!

We could always tell which gifts came from Mom and Dad...they were the ones wrapped in the Sunday Funny Pages. (When I was little, the gifts from Santa were wrapped in red, green, and white tissue paper).

Since the gift wrap is really only used to "hide" the gift and to heighten the anticipation of what's inside, why spend a fortune on fancy wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows?

So, better go through your stack of recyled paper, and pull out all the Funny Pages! And for next year, start saving them every week so that you'll have plenty for next Christmas!

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