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CAB Installation from PC to PPC (Mobile)

The easiest way to install CAB files onto your PPC from your computer is by using another program called CABviaActivesync, which is available at this link: The other way is to use the EXPLORE Function in Activesync. Download the CAB file to your computer. Open a WINDOWS EXPLORER window on your computer, locate the CAB file where you downloaded it. Drag&Drop the CAB from the COMPUTER Window to the Activesync/PPC Window. Then, on your PPC, tap the CAB file, via File Explorer on your PPC. Installation should then be automatic, via Activesync. Then, Play Away! I also recommend downloading MyMobiler from this site. It will give you a fully functioning display of your PPC on your computer screen, eliminating the back-&-forth between computer and PPC. Hope this helps!
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