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Friendbar causes flash video to be choppy and not work properly

When using friendbar video playback is choppy and has major issues. Once disabled, all flash based streaming video works great.

It might be some other extension that in conjunction is causing this issue so here is a list of currently installed extensions:

Adblock Plus 1.0.1
DownThemAll 1.1.0
Foxmarks Bookmark Sync 2.6.0
Google Gears
Greasefire 1.0.3
Greasemonkey 0.8.20080609.0
Personal Menu 4.1.2
Secure Login 0.9.3

Here is a website that was especially bad


Enter the following details for access... Name: John Henry
Zip: any
birthday: anything that makes you 17 or older.

I'm going to disable all extensions besides friendbar to see if problem persists. I'm running Windows 7, Firefox 3.0.6, Core 2 Duo 1.8ghz, 3gb ram.

Ok well after disabling everything but friendbar it seems to be doing alright. I'll start re-enabling my other extensions and see how it goes.

Hmm well I renabled everything and uninstalled Greasefire (never used it) and all is well. I'm not sure if greasefire was causing this issue or not. Bugs suck.

I lied, it still isn't working. Whenever the bar begins to slide a new message across it causes the video to straight up pause and audio to stop until slide is complete.
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