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I’m disappointed

I think this addon is still very unstable, incomplete and slightly practical.

I think this add-on is still very unstable, incomplete and slightly practical.
After a few days of using it, I have found several bugs, very serious some. I have found too some lacks and some redundancies.
I just wanted an add-on that allowed me to send messages simultaneously to twitter and facebook but no luck.

  • The field of search is redundant.

  • It doesn't show the own messages of the twitter.

  • The facebook messages are empty.

  • It hangs with facebook messages.

  • Sometimes, I open firefox but the friendbar is empty.

  • Sometimes, the forward/backward buttons between messages doesn't appear.

  • .... .... ...

Thank you for your effort but I desist.
I will look for another complement that yes works and that fulfills for what I look.
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  • Thanks for your feedback. Most of the features you have requested are already in our plans for upcoming versions. Hopefully you will agree to try Friendbar again when they are implemented.

    As for not seeing messages, this is peculiar, and I am thinking there may be a network issues, e.g. firewall, proxy, perhaps that is causing this. We would need deeper debugging to find the cause.

    As mentioned previously the forward/back buttons only appear when they need to (when there are 2 or more messages and you need to scroll).

    Thanks again for trying our product.
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